How to Make Sure that Your Kid’s Bed is Safe and Suitable to Use

As parents, we often obsess about our child’s safety. We cannot help but frequently become concerned about our kids even when they were sleeping comfortably. Why is it so quiet in there? Have they stopped breathing? I better enter and inspect on them! Yes, it can get a little hysterical sometimes. However, there is nothing wrong with having worries for the safety of your kids, and they need to be safe when they sleep too definitely.

In this post, I will go over the importance of a safe sleeping environment for your kids, as it associates with kids beds. We don’t desire our kids to obtain harmed in their sleep, or while playing in their beds during the day – as many kids do from time to time. So we need to do our research before purchasing kids beds.

A few of the essential things to consider with regards to kids’ beds:

Is the foundation sturdily built?

No matter what material is utilised, a bed needs not to feel weak or flimsy. Kids beds in Sydney shouldn’t feel risky, even while supporting the weight of a grown individual. If you climb up into it and it seems like it might collapse any minute, stay away from it.

Think about the somewhat likely circumstance of 2 or more kids leaping up and down in that bed – does it appear like it would stand up to that? If it can be broken, opportunities are kids will unintentionally because kids are still learning and will often misjudge what an object in their environment will withstand before breaking apart.

It is also a good idea to check that the surface area is well built and capable of warding off water and withstanding prying fingers. Particle board is frequently utilised for beds, but it is very susceptible if not covered with veneer, vinyl or laminate.

Remember to examine screws, nails, nuts and bolts. They must be tight and all the way in. Likewise try to find sharp edges on wood, steel or plastic. Incomplete lumber can generate great deals of splinters; particularly if it is not sanded expertly. Screws, nails, nuts and bolts need not extend or have sharp ends and edges. Nuts and bolts anywhere near a surface area that the child might be available in contact with routinely should have softly domed ends for best security.

Security and style

Make sure a bed is not dangerous in the way it is designed. This includes safety rails – especially on bunk beds and loft beds, but also on low beds – definitely for smaller kids. Look carefully at the bed to see if there might be anywhere a hand, foot or another body part might get stuck. Look in the instruction manual for the foundation, to see if it conforms to security policies in impact where you live. This ought to cover specific ranges between the parts of the bed, ensuring kids approximately a particular age cannot get stuck in any method. Remember – if there is a hole, kids will stick something in it.

Poisonous substances do not belong in kids.

This is a somewhat tricky thing to prevent often. Precisely what about paints, finishes and products utilised in the bed? Are these toxic, or do they discharge harmful fumes?

Particleboard contains formaldehyde and will discharge it to some degree – specifically when brand-new. This does not have to be a problem if the emission occurs gradually and you remember to ventilate the room for a minimum of half an hour a day – which you need to do anyway. Some textiles can likewise contain additives that aren’t exactly healthy. If in doubt, trust your nose: if it discharges a strong chemical odour, it most likely isn’t perfect. Also stay away from soft plastic parts, as they might include possibly dangerous softeners.

That was a great deal of information to digest at once, but bear in mind that designer bunk beds in Australia are generally in usage for several years – time in which your children will invest more than 8 hours every night in their beds, and frequently play in them throughout the day. Parents certainly have a good reason to fret about the safety of their child’s bed.

Save Space with Bunk Beds

Have you ever considered the idea of buying a bunk bed? There are many styles to accommodate your needs whether it be for your home, a dorm room, gift or a variety of other reasons. A bunk bed can be a fantastic solution for a room that has no space to spare. These types of beds can be extremely practical in many different situations such as a home where children share a room, a student dorm room, a business staff accommodation and even save a lot of space at the cabin or cottage.

A bunk bed is found more often than not, made of wood, but can also come in metal. There are many types to choose from depending on what you need it for. Types of bunk beds include L-shaped, triple bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds, standard and loft bed types. Also check out a trundle bed, which may be particularily useful for kids who like to have sleepovers, as it slides out from below your child’s exhisting bed like a drawer. These types of bed have the ability to make a small room appear quite large, and feel like that too.

With a bunk bed, many people have a concern with safety. Well, before you purchase one of many bunk bed styles available, you want to make sure that it is sturdy. Some good quality stackable beds can support 400 lbs per bed, which means they are not only for children, they are also great for adults. Please take the time to enquire about the different lengths available for you, as they really are a great way to add space and style to a room in your home.

How to Select a Curio Cabinet for Your Home

Curio cabinets have become a delight in themselves as they showcase your favorite things and mementos to friends and family, keep all your dear treasures in one place to admire them in wonderment everyday, or protect your growing collection of porcelain dolls from your 5-year old.

Curio cabinets started as places to keep curios – defined in the dictionary as curious or unusual objects of art or knickknacks and whatnots that are perhaps worthy of collecting because of their oddity. This definition could, of course, include silver spoons from Alaska, all assortments of wedding and christening favors, crystals, face masks from Africa and possibly even shrunken heads from the Amazons of Ecuador and Peru.

Nowadays, however, you can use curio cabinets for anything:

– Show off your family’s sporting interests by displaying your son’s bowling trophies next to your husbands autographed baseballs.

– House your priceless family heirlooms – such as, great grandma’s turqoise and silver comb, grandpa’s golden pen, mum’s old sapphire brooch which you wore on your wedding day and your son’s first baby photo.

– Or perhaps, protect from dust and grime the brass alto saxophone that you know you’ll learn to play one day in your retirement years.

But how do you choose the curio cabinet that’s just right for you? Ask yourself the following questions below and find out how.

Tips on how to choose a curio cabinet

1. The first question you should ask when buying a curio cabinet is: What kind of curios will I put in it? If it is a tall brass alto saxophone, then you need to get a tall, traditional curio cabinet with fitted glass doors to keep the dust out and with removable glass shelves to make room for your favorite musical instrument.

2. How much light is there at the spot where you are going to put your curio cabinet? Is it in the sunroom with plenty of natural light or is it in a dark corner of the house? If the latter then you need an illuminated cabinet to brighten the corner as well as provide accent lighting to your displays.

3. How big a space do you have for your curio cabinet?

– Is the space amply high and wide? Then you might want to get a traditional, dark cherry curio cabinet with generous measurements of 44W x 17D x 79H inches.

– If narrower, then a more contemporary curio cabinet with practical urban living measurements of 24W x 12D x 76H inches may be better.

– If low and wide such as in a family room or den, then a golden oak console curio cabinet measuring 56W x 13D x 30H inches is probably what you need.

– And if angled in a corner, you may want a curio cabinet that can be snugly placed in a corner and probably measuring around 28W x 16D x 72H inches.

4. The other question to ask is – Do you want to match the look of your curio cabinet with the other furniture in the room?

– If you want to maintain a traditional look, then you might want to choose from grand old fashioned designs with bevelling, hand-carved details and dark timber finishes.

– If the room is contemporary, then you might want the clean lines and lighter timber finishes of a more urbanized curio cabinet with lots of mirror and glass.

5. What type of wood or non-wood appeals to you?

– If affordability is a consideration and you do not mind the look of MDF or engineered wood, then you might choose a curio cabinet made of strenghtened pressed particle board and topped with timber veneer or laminate.

– If you feel that a solid wood curio cabinet sounds like a good investment, then you should get a curio cabinet made from the more popular oak or maple – hardwoods that can only gain character and charm as they age.

6. And last but not least, what is your budget?

– Are you prepared to splurge on a Louis XV-inspired Pulaski curio cabinet selling for $2000 so that you can have a spectacular accent piece that can transform your entire living room experience?

– Or do you just want a simple wall curio cabinet – one that you can get for $20 at ebay to put your dog figurine collection?

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